Therapy For Black, Indigenous, & People Of Color in NYC & Orlando

Therapy for Black, Indigenous, + People of Color

You deserve to be affirmed and respected.

Like many facets of society, the field of mental health and wellness has disproportionately underrepresented those who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

It’s important to have a therapist that understands and reflects your identity because we can understand and sometimes share some of your lived experiences. Your experiences are unique to you, but having a therapist who shares aspects of your identity can create a deeper trust and understanding that’s incredibly important in creating a trusting relationship.

As much as being a person of color does not encompass all of you, there are cultural aspects that have certainly made an impact on your development and who you are today.

We take into account how your cultural and racial identity affects your life and how that can impact your mental health.

A side profile of a black woman standing on a balcony staring at the sky with a view of the city at dusk in the background.
Image of an Asian woman, arms crossed smiling and looking forward. You deserve to feel heard, supported, and understood! Online Therapy for Black, Indigenous, + People of Color in NYC or Orlando and anywhere in the State of New York and Florida.

We offer therapy for black, indigenous, + people of color identifying individuals a safe space to explore issues they’re struggling with such as:

As a black, indigenous, or person of color (BIPOC), you may have had an experience with a therapist that left you feeling misunderstood and even more marginalized.

Finding the support you need as a black, indigenous, or person of color can be a challenge. We understand and we share some of those experiences with you.

Meeting with a therapist of color can help decrease some of the anxiety that comes with sharing so much of your life with a therapist. This allows you to really open up and identify the changes you want to make in your life in a safe space.

We help you develop the skills to navigate the world.

What is therapy for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color? 

Therapy for Black Therapy for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color is an open and accepting space for you to bring your entire cultural, racial and ethnic identity to explore every aspect of your being.

It’s a space where you work with a person of color therapist that can understand the nuances of how race, culture, ethnicity, and your unique identity and how that impacts the way you experience the world.

We emphasize and honor your culture, race, and origin and explore how they form the foundation of who you are today. We also understand that this is not all you are and we work hard to learn about other identities you hold and all other aspects of your life.

While our upbringing, traditions, and dialect may differ from yours, it can be comforting to find commonalities with the person you are sharing so much with in therapy.

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You deserve to feel heard, supported, and understood!