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Couples Counseling

Empowering Couples to Navigate Challenges Together & Restore Connection.
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Couples Therapy to help you and your partner:


Process current &
past stressors


“Why does everything I do seem wrong?"

Every day there is a misunderstanding or small fight that escalates into chaos. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around my partner. I am so afraid of saying the wrong thing that I just stay silent trapped in my head, afraid of losing them.

We guide you in breaking these cycles, helping you to communicate openly and reconnect with your partner.

Couples Counseling

Areas of Focus

Communication Problems

Difficulty in communicating effectively, such as frequent arguments, misunderstandings, or feeling unheard.

Infidelity or Trust Issues

Rebuilding trust after infidelity or addressing ongoing trust issues within the relationship.

Intimacy Issues

Challenges with physical intimacy, emotional closeness, or feeling disconnected from one another.

Parenting Conflicts

Differences in parenting styles, disagreements about child-rearing decisions, or struggles in co-parenting.

Financial Stress

Managing financial stress, disagreements about spending habits, or navigating financial decisions as a couple.

Sexual Dysfunction

Addressing issues related to sexual desire, performance, or satisfaction within the relationship.

Life Transitions

Adjusting to major life changes such as relocation, career changes, or the birth of a child.

Chronic Illness or Disability

Coping with the impact of chronic illness or disability on the relationship, including changes in roles and responsibilities.

Cultural or Religious Differences

Managing conflicts arising from differing cultural backgrounds, beliefs, or religious practices within the relationship.

Online Couples Counseling

Do you ask yourself...

Couples counseling can help you develop the relational skills to solve problems, communicate better, and grow closer.

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couples Therapy

How Can We Help?

Couples counseling often combines sessions with both partners together and individual sessions for each partner. This dual approach allows us to understand the relationship dynamics in a group setting while also addressing personal issues and insights in private to create a custom treatment plan that addresses needs as a couple and as an individual.

Worksheets and homework assignments are tools used in therapy to encourage continued growth outside of sessions. They help couples practice new skills, reflect on their thoughts and behaviors, and apply what they’ve learned in real-life situations, reinforcing the lessons discussed during therapy.
This aspect of therapy focuses on teaching couples effective ways to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs to each other. By improving communication skills, couples can reduce misunderstandings, express themselves more clearly, and build a stronger, more open relationship.
Structural or strategic therapy looks at the family as a system and seeks to understand and improve the interactions and hierarchies that influence behavior within the relationship. This type of therapy helps couples identify and change dysfunctional patterns in their relationship structure that keeps them stuck.
Structural or strategic therapy looks at the family as a system and seeks to understand and improve the interactions and hierarchies that influence behavior within the relationship. This type of therapy helps couples identify and change dysfunctional patterns in their relationship structure that keeps them stuck.
Mindfulness in couples therapy involves practices that help both individuals become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in the present moment. This can reduce stress, enhance emotional regulation, and lead to greater compassion and understanding within the relationship.
A collaborative approach in therapy emphasizes partnership and teamwork between the therapist and the couple. This method allows couples to actively participate in their healing process, making decisions together and working towards common goals and a shared vision of the future.
These exercises are designed to teach couples strategies for managing and resolving conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner. Improving conflict resolution skills, couples can handle disagreements more effectively, preventing them from escalating into larger issues.
Activities focused on emotional expression help individuals convey their feelings more openly and safely within the relationship. These activities aim to foster a deeper emotional connection and understanding between partners.
These exercises encourage couples to use physical touch as a way to express care, love, and connection, helping to strengthen the emotional and physical bond between them.
This involves examining the influence of each partner’s family background on their behavior and attitudes in the relationship. Understanding these dynamics can help partners make sense of their own and each other’s responses and behaviors.
In this part of therapy, couples explore their individual and shared values to find common ground and build a foundation for their future together. This alignment can guide decision-making and conflict resolution, enhancing harmony in the relationship.
Setting and communicating boundaries is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship. This process helps couples understand and respect each other’s needs and limits, ensuring both partners feel safe and valued.
Re-integrating or introducing humor and playfulness into the relationship can lighten the atmosphere, reduce stress, and bring joy back and strengthen the bond between partners.
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Nirmala Bijraj
Owner & Clinical Director
LMHC, NCC, She/Her/Hers

Aligned Self

Why work with Aligned Self

We believe you are the author of your story. When you have the support you need to reflect on your life – it allows you to uncover who you’ve always been and give you the tools to write the story you want to live.

Our mission is to provide identity-affirming, culturally responsive care to all people with all abilities in all bodies.

We are an open and affirming practice.

We provide inclusive care.

We celebrate acceptance and diversity.

We strive to honor and respect the uniqueness of each person.

Our aim is to help you tap into your inner-resilience, practice radical acceptance, and mobilize the change you need to create the life you envision.

Meet Our Couples Therapists

Rbert Lamoureux Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Sexologist

Robert Lamoureux


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Nirmala Bijraj Founder & Clinical Director Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Nirmala Bijraj


Founder & Clinical Director

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Aligned Self Therapy

How Couples Counseling Works

Every individual and relationship is unique. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not suit the varying nature of personal interactions. That’s why we offer customized sessions that are thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific needs of each couple, ensuring a personalized and effective therapeutic experience.

Weekly Sessions (50 minutes)

We meet weekly to explore shared experiences and challenges, and aspirations as a couple. This foundation creates consistency in addressing issues through regular support giving couples time to process and implement strategies between sessions

90 Minute Sessions

Combining the benefits of weekly sessions with extended time helps to create more comprehensive exploration and problem-solving, allowing couples to make significant progress while maintaining a manageable schedule.

3 Hour Intensives

We provide focused intensives as one-time sessions or as requested to help you tackle deep-rooted challenges, to help couples resolve major issues, and rejuvenate the relationship by offering transformative insights and breakthroughs in a condensed timeframe. 

When you’re ready to create a deeper connection, improve communication, and overcome challenges, Aligned Self Therapy offers specialized couples counseling.

Online Couples Counseling

Possible Outcomes of Couples Therapy

Every person and situation is unique, and as a result, we can’t guarantee any specific results or timeline. However, with commitment and consistency, you may notice that over time you and your partner experience:
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Enhancing Happiness, Elevating Satisfaction & Building Stronger Relationships.


FAQs About Couples Counseling

Couples therapy may be beneficial if you and your partner are experiencing communication breakdowns, frequent conflicts, loss of intimacy, trust issues, or difficulty resolving disagreements on your own.
During a couples therapy session, you can expect to engage in open and honest conversations with your partner, guided by a trained therapist. You’ll discuss your relationship dynamics, explore underlying issues, learn effective communication strategies, and work towards mutually agreed-upon goals.
If your partner is hesitant or unwilling to attend couples therapy, consider having an open and honest conversation about your concerns and the potential benefits of therapy. You can also seek individual therapy for yourself to address your own needs and explore ways to improve the relationship.
Discuss with your partner what you hope to achieve from therapy, identify specific concerns or issues you want to address, and make sure you can both approach the session with an open mind and willingness to participate actively.
Common challenges in couples therapy may include resistance to change, difficulty communicating openly, and differing expectations or goals for therapy. Overcoming these challenges requires commitment, patience, and a willingness to engage in the therapeutic process with openness and honesty.
It depends on the commitment and effort you put into the relationship outside of therapy. How you use the skills you learn in therapy in everyday life. The result is based on the amount of time and effort you put into it in your everyday life.

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Couples Counseling

Deepen your bond and communication so you can grow stronger together.